Natural Comfort

Merino wool is a natural and luxurious material. Renowned for its incredibly fine and light structure, it delivers a super soft next-to-skin experience, manages moisture vapor and regulates body temperature - the perfect choice for ultimate natural comfort.

Bugaboo Woolmark

The Story of
Merino Wool

A natural choice
from pasture to product

Unlike synthetic fibers that can take years to decompose, Merino wool is readily biodegradable and absorbed by the earth within a matter of months, providing a valuable source of rich, fertilizing nutrients.
As sheep would proudly attest to, wool is a naturally grown fiber, not man-made. Merino sheep farmers strive to farm as sustainably as possible by conserving their pastures, protecting the natural environment, supporting rural communities and promoting a responsible use of resources.


Our Merino wool products proudly flag the Woolmark logo, a stamp of independent quality approval. The Woolmark Company is a world-renowned not-for-profit company ensures that our Merino wool is of the highest standard, meeting strict wool content, quality and performance criteria: for the fiber as well as the flock.

Durable, resilient
and protective

Despite being a fine, thin and incredibly soft fiber, Merino wool has more natural elasticity than cotton and silk. Therefore, a well cared for Merino product can last for years.
Moreover, every Merino wool fiber has a relatively high water and nitrogen content which makes it fire-resistant, which also helps in fighting off dirt and prevents stains from being absorbed.

A happy flock
makes healthy fibers

Farmers know that well looked after sheep in a good environment produce the best wool. Therefore, they ensure high standards of animal welfare, ensuring there is plenty of grass, water, fresh air and sunshine available to our cozy Merino flocks. We don't use sheepskin and ensure the sheep are clipped by experienced sheep shearers in a stress-free environment.

Only the best
is good enough

The quality of Merino wool is carefully checked through a series of in-depth standard tests by experts, ensuring a continual high consistency regarding efficient delivery and high quality with special attention to limiting contamination by careful breeding, flock management and clip preparation.

The Bugaboo
Wool Collection

Bugaboo Wool Seat Liner*

Provides a naturally soft
and comfortable ride for your child.

The easy-to-wash Bugaboo Wool Seat Liner is reversible to customize your look. Made of Woolmark certified 100% pure new wool pile on one side and a grey melange knitted cotton jersey on the other, it provides a naturally soft and comfortable ride for your child. The seat liner attaches easily to all Bugaboo strollers with slit openings and is machine washable.

*Pure New Wool Pile

Bugaboo Wool Blanket

Provides natural softness and protection.

The soft Bugaboo Wool Blanket is made of Woolmark certified 100% extra fine Merino wool and provides natural softness and protection for your child. What's more, the blanket has a total easy-care finish that makes it suitable to machine wash and tumble dry. The blanket can be used all year long and is available in the following colors: grey melange, rose, and ivory.

Bugaboo Wool Mattress Cover*

Provides natural comfort for your newborn.

The one-size-fits-all mattress cover can be used with all Bugaboo strollers that have a carrycot. The Bugaboo Wool Mattress Cover consists of 100% extra fine Merino wool in grey melange and offers true comfort for newborns.

*Pure New Wool Cover

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